What about locations?

There are lots of locations in the greater Dayton area to choose from.  Some of my favorites are downtown Spring Valley, James Ranch, downtown Xenia, are all great places for a basic mini.  If you want a longer session, we can talk about other locations to include, Caesar's Creek and Wegerzyn Gardens.  Most Mini sessions I try to stay close to the Beavercreek/Xenia area.

What about my year book picture?

Well, that depends on what school you attend. Some schools will accept an image from us, and we usually just e-mail that to the yearbook adviser. We are approved photographers for the Beavercreek High School. Check with your yearbook adviser to see who you can go to for that image. We usually set a date in November for everyone to come and get that taken care of.


What should I wear?

Well, in traditional portrait photography there are lists of "what not to wear", and these are great if your not a high school senior. What we have found is that seniors want to wear clothing that they love and clothing that reflects their personal style and personality. I don't set a lot of rules on clothing as it is my goal for the senior to feel relaxed and happy during their session. Consider your closet, what are your "go to" outfits when you go out somewhere nice with friends ? Consider the fact that you are allowed multiple clothing changes we suggest for girls to bring a dress, a jeans outfit, and something that involves a cute jacket or sweater. Nothing is really off limits (though, I did see that florescent colors are popular this season, I would probably stay away from them) as long as you feel good in it, and it flatters you. ...oh, and PS, don't forget your shoes! :)



Can I bring a friend?

Most of our seniors bring their mom's who we affectionately refer to "the personal stylist" :) I think that I have only had one brave senior come by themselves, most bring a parent, and we have had a couple of friends tag along as well. We are fine with that, just warn parents or friends that we might put them to work holding our reflector or running errands for you ;)


What time of the day do you usually schedule sessions?

This is a very good question! We are constantly seeking "soft light", this is the light that you usually get in the late afternoon right after dinner, or very early in the morning.  I will always chose "light over location" Admittedly, not many of our seniors want to meet me at 7:00 am in the morning, so most of my sessions take place after 4:00 pm in the afternoon. As the summer fades and we enter fall, times will be adjusted according the season. Sometimes we have a session scheduled and the day is completely overcast, on those occasions, we often contact the senior and ask if they would like to meet earlier.


What if it rains?

Rain is definitely a problem :) If we check the local radar and see that we are going to have rain, we call the senior and re-schedule. We normally don't schedule sessions on Sunday, but we will reserve a Sunday for emergency rain dates.


Can I bring my pet?

We LOVE pets! Pets are always welcome as long as they are friendly. If your pet is people friendly, they are welcome. Come with a leash, and bring favorite treats. Just let us know in our pre-consultation that you are bringing your pet, and we can work out the details.


Where can I change my clothes if we are on location?

We have a portable changing tent that is completely private, and better yet, it collapses in one minute flat and we carry it with us. It is a good idea to bring a small mirror, hair brush and make up in a bag or backpack as well.


What about props?

The only props that we tend to bring are our chairs, and we have a few cute Oriental umbrellas. Any other props that you might want to bring should be discussed during the pre-consultation and we will work on a way to incorporate them into the shots. Many seniors bring their instruments or sports equipment, just let us know.


Is there anything I can do to prepare for the session?

If you are worried about posing, just look through any of your fashion magazine, or even the pictures on the walls of the stores you shop for your clothes, you can really pick up a lot of inspiration from these. 



In closing

Come to your session prepared to have fun, relax, and just go with the flow. Many seniors are "natural posers" while others just don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera at all, remember, it is our job to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and give you a great senior portrait experience.